Set of 5 100% Natural Exfoliating Ramie Facial

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A set of 5 100% Natural Ramie Facial Pads/ with Cotton Muslin Carrying Bag

• Soft Facial Pads that deeply cleanses, removing harmful impurities for an overall improved complexion

• Reusable and long-lasting; Can be machine washed and air-dried.

• Includes 5 ramie facial pads packaged in a hand-stamped muslin bag

• Gentle enough for all skin types


A great companion to any facial, the 100% Ramie Natural Face Pad provides natural exfoliation and gentle cleansing for an overall smoother looking complexion. It is plant-based made up of the Ramie plant fiber, making it eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. 


• Includes 4"x 6" hand-stamped cotton muslin bag 

• Specifications: 3.5 inches with cotton backing and strap for securing to fingers


• To use: Dampen pad, add desired cleanser, and gently cleanse face in a circular motion. Thoroughly rinse clean and drain any excess water.

• Although naturally resistant to mold/mildew pad should be kept away from water when not in use to avoid mold/mildew growth.

• Face Pad is machine washable and can be washed using the included muslin bag.