About Us

Rock & Rose originated in 2007 as a locally owned clothing and accessory brick and mortar boutique in Portland, Oregon. The focus of the shop was to provide purposefully curated and selected goods for men and women. During our time in business, we were honored with building a brand name through our strong community of vendors and customers who helped evolve the brand into something much more than we ever could imagine.

After the birth of the owners son in 2016, the pressure of running a business and being a mom became increasingly difficult. With much trepidation, the shop closed in 2017 after ten beautiful years in business, numerous 'best of' awards, two episodes in Portlandia, and a lifetime of memories from our amazing community of people. 

As the years passed, there was constantly a feeling of something missing. And after three years of the shop being closed, we have decided to re-open and re-brand our online presence and expand our vision of R & R. After all the chaos 2020 has brought to everyone, we are proud and honored to open a store with a focus on self care, home and body goods, and family connection. This missing piece was in front of us the whole time as we grew, experienced life, and evolved as people. 

Join us and shop products that make you feel good. We are excited to be back and look forward to connecting with you all again!